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The human approach to drug and alcohol rehab offers connection, inspiring steps to community and the opportunity to reclaim the most important matters in life.


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FAQS Frequently asked questions regarding our environment
and approach to drug and alcohol rehab.


People wanting to quit drugs or alcohol, whether it’s first time trying or attempting again.

People wanting to continue and enhance their recovery success.

People who want to consolidate therapy.

People who are engaged in aftercare or other approaches.

People awaiting access to other long term recovery options.


You will be able to rapidly return to your daily life with the support you need to ensure your continued success.

  • Family members/significant others will be involved in the recovery process to enable you to rebuild relationships
  • Refocusestablishes a support network for you for all the services needed to maximize success
  • Refocus is always here for you. You can trust us to be there to support you if problems occur. We are vitally interested in helping you have lifelong success
  • Liaison with employers, professional bodies and legal bodies ensuring you have the best assistance in overcoming any problems that have arisen as a result of addiction
  • Reintegration into the workplace. We arrange your support network and monitoring with employers and professional organizations
  • Remaining abstinent from alcohol and other drugs
  • Adherence to the structure developed for you and the entire therapeutic community
  • Attending community meetings, counselling sessions and 12-step meetings
  • Performing household chores

Your stay is in a private room with ensuite bathroom within luxury facilities and amenities in Bayside Melbourne.

  • We provide all bedding, linen and towels
  • Personal clothing
  • Swimming apparel for warmer months
  • Active wear for yoga, beach walks and gym sessions
  • Medications
  • Books, magazine and photos of friends and family
  • We are a private rehab located in the heart of Melbourne. Please note we are not covered by private health insurance which can only be used for hospitals.
  • Primary Residential Program – 28 Days – 4 week minimum
  • Standard Suite with private ensuite $19,800 inc gst.
  • Bayview Suite with private ensuite $24,800 inc gst
  • 1- 6 months Supportive Residential Integration Program – By consultation.

Fees are based on length of stay. The longer you stay the lower the weekly cost.

PLEASE NOTE: If payment is made and you leave the program early, we will return the unused portion of your payment minus a $1,500 early exit fee. There is a minimum two week fee.

For example: If you pay for a 12 week program but only stay for 7 weeks, you will only be charged for 7 weeks plus an early exit fee of $1,500.

Many clients stay in our program for longer periods of time. Lower rates apply in the extended program. This program is for those who wish to consolidate their recovery efforts or return to work or study whilst they are in a structured and supported environment.

This includes:

  • Your private room with ensuite
  • All meals, including lunch, dinner and snacks prepared by our European trained chef.
  • Daily morning beach walks
  • 3 weekly group personal training sessions
  • 2 Weekly Yoga Sessions
  • Weekly 1-1 Counselling
  • Daily Group therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Wellness & health sessions
  • Loved one and family support
  • Supervised and structured environment
  • All linen including quality bedding and towels
  • Fully equipped laundry including dryer
  • Attendance at weekly aftercare community meeting upon completion of our program
  • After care plan on exit
  • Any reports for legal matters including employers or professional bodies

There is no set time for each stay however the minimum is generally 28 days. You can stay weeks or months. We have tailored two month and three month programs or longer.  The length of time is determined by your needs. Individual treatment plans are constructed to allow you to rebuild your life.

Every client is different. Many of our clients go on to live drug and alcohol free after leaving Refocus and some will need extra support. Regardless of you or your loved ones journey, we are here to provide support and give you the best chance of continuing with recovery.

MAKE AN ENQUIRY Your journey starts here.

The Refocus Team is here to support you with dignity and discretion.


Call us on +61 3 9537 0880

Alternatively, complete the form below and we will make contact to discuss first steps in the Refocus journey.


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