Are you ready for ice
addiction rehab?

From a high of invincibility, efficency and perceived inner strength, the ice crash is devastating.

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I was a middle aged, middle class businessman who was addicted to ice. I came out of a 28 day hospital program. Refocus was recommended to me at the hospital. When I arrived I was warmly welcomed and easily connected to the recovery environment.

Since integrating back into life, I have enhanced the friendships created during my time at Refocus with not only clients but also with the staff.

I shall be eternally grateful for my Refocus experience. Easily the best rehab in Australia.
— Garry A (not pictured)

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The Refocus staff were committed, informed and caring. I felt connected, safe and inspired by community. For the first time, I felt understood.
— Garry A


READY FOR LIFE THROUGH A NEW LENS? Ice addiction rehab on Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay.


Suffering from chaotic behaviour, poor emotional regulation and erratic mood management?

Body Dopamine is the chemical that makes us feel so positive that we can achieve goals and make things happen. The starter motor of Dopamine is a naturally-occurring brain chemical called Serotonin.

Ice addiction disrupts our natural neuro-chemical balance, causing structural brain damage and requiring targeted treatment. This damage leads to undisciplined, chaotic behaviour, poor emotional regulation, and mood management.

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The Refocus
Approach to Ice

We can walk with you through detox under clinical supervision in a safe environment at appropriate allied hospitals or medical practitioners before you arrive at Refocus.

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The Refocus

Individual private rooms in a comfortable, warm and safe space, with large therapy, education and social areas to nurture recovery.

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Ice Rehab

We’ll also walk with you when you are ready to leave The Refocus Environment on Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay and move forward with your life through a new lens.


What is The Refocus
Approach to Ice Rehab?

— Clear diagnosis

— Structured approach to life through a new lens

— Safe, stable environment

— Restoration of optimal individualised sleeping patterns

— A balanced diet

— Group exercise and individualised programs with a qualified personal trainer

— Group therapy that increases rational thought processes


READY FOR LIFE THROUGH A NEW LENS? Why choose Refocus Rehab Melbourne
for ice addiction treatment?


Privacy is a priority.

Refocus Rehab Melbourne provides a space in which people feel comfortable talking about personal health and lifestyle with people sharing the same challenges.

Our team understands that amid daily stresses and pressures, providing comfort, support, and absolute privacy in care and communication is critical.

Our focus has been treating addiction for more than 20 years.

We can assist with arranging off-site detox through accredited facilities.

Located 50 metres from Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay.

Comfortable living areas and own private bedrooms.

An intimate and powerful approach to rehab is limited to small groups, ensuring individualised attention.

All our therapists have university degrees in rebab, including master's degrees and PhDs. They have decades of combined professional and lived experience and have had great success in the field.


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Refocus has changed my life! I had been battling ice addiction for over a decade, and it was when my family brought me to Refocus that I finally got the help I needed. The supportive staff and therapeutic environment are top-notch. The counselling and education I received around my addiction have been vital to my recovery. I would recommend it to everyone looking for a rehab facility.
— Ashleigh F.


THE INVESTMENT We offer 28-day to 90-day residential rehab programs, with all the support necessary to refocus and see life through a new lens.

The investment for a 28-day program is $19,800 (standard room) or $24,800 (Bayview room); longer stays and extensions can be arranged.

THE REFOCUS TEAM Over 20 years, The Refocus approach to drug and alcohol rehab has been constructed, evolved and refined so it can be individualised to suit those ready to refocus.

Today, a world-class team supports the knowledge, experience and affinity that is proven to cultivate drug and alcohol rehab. A number of Refocus practitioners have first-hand addiction experience and have lived clean lives for many years.

We believe seeking help, listening, and sharing genuine conversations nurture recovery.

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The Refocus Team is here to support you with dignity and discretion.


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