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Alcohol is the most commonly used drug in Australia. There are dangers at all levels of usage.

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I entered Refocus after over 15 years of continuous drug and alcohol abuse, with my life in tatters and my spirit broken.

Immediately I was made to feel safe and supported by the experienced staff who showed me there was hope left and the promise of a healthy and fulfilling life ahead.
— Peter P (not pictured)

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DISCOVER A NEW LENS Alcohol addiction rehab on Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay.

One of the quickest ways people like to “relax” is by having a beer or a glass of wine at the end of a long day. This behaviour can turn into powerful addiction. Alcohol addiction not only harms the person struggling with drinking, it often harms those around them too.

The Refocus approach to alcohol addiction helps people to discover life through a new lens in recovery.

Alcohol Recovery Approach

We support through all three stages.
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Phase 1:

Stopping the addiction under clinical supervision. We organise a detox with appropriate allied hospitals or medical practitioners.

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Phase 2: Primary

We provide an optimal environment for recovery through our rehab approach and our safe coastal  location.

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Phase 3:

Ongoing aftercare support to help you or your loved one move forward in life.


Stress and Alcohol

Many drink alcohol due to stress, and there aren’t many substances in the world that can yield a significant change in physical and mental state as quickly as alcohol.

We all know someone who regularly says: “I can’t wait to go home tonight and put my feet up with a glass of wine – today has been stressful and horrible.”

The problem with using alcohol to decrease stress is that the effect is often only short-term, compounded by the fact that its consumption is more likely to yield significant stress in the long term.


Cortisol and Alcohol Consumption

On a biological level, studies have shown increased stress hormone ‘cortisol’ levels in consistent drinkers. Consistently high cortisol levels can cause health problems in the long term. Newer research is beginning to suggest, for example, that long-term inflammation, caused by high cortisol could be the reason why some suffer from depression.

Most drinkers will acknowledge that the perceived benefits of stress reduction granted by alcohol will only be short-term.

Alcohol’s effect on sleeping provides a good example of this. Alcohol has been shown to help you get to sleep (a short-term benefit), but sleep quality is negatively impacted. One study showed increased sleep disruptions in the second half of sleeping after alcohol was consumed prior to bed. Sleep disruptions will always have a long-term negative influence on your overall health.


Drinking too much?

Some will drink a little too much or go over the top and wake feeling lethargic,
embarrassed or depressed due to the drinking antics of the night before?
Many drinkers will wake up worried, embarrassed and concerned about their
behaviour the night before.
The potential negative consequences due to being drunk at such events can no
doubt cause significantly more stress in the long term.

Social Anxiety

Just like people who drink to ease their stress, those who suffer from social anxiety are more likely to be drinkers, too.

Alcohol has been studied for its effects on the brain’s prefrontal cortex and has been shown to have inhibitory reducing effects. This part of the brain has been associated with social behaviour.

People with anxious, insecure or nervous traits are naturally going to experience the short-term confidence-yielding benefits more significantly than people who don’t exhibit the same characteristics. This is why drinking alcohol can become habitual for nervous or socially anxious people. What starts as a casual drink can end up becoming a problematic habit.

Alcohol rehab

If you can’t understand why you drink alcohol and find yourself continually turning to it as a mechanism to deal with day-to-day life, you may have a problem. If you’re aware you have a drinking problem, please speak to a medical professional or specialist to help you decide what your next move should be.

If you’re looking at alcohol addiction rehabilitation and would like more information about us here at Refocus, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and understanding team. We are a private alcohol rehab environment where individuals get their own private rooms, healthy and wholesome food, structured therapy sessions, counselling and time to get well again. We are located less than 10km from Melbourne CBD.


READY FOR LIFE THROUGH A NEW LENS? Why choose Refocus Rehab Melbourne
for alcohol addiction treatment?


Privacy is a priority.

Refocus Rehab Melbourne provides a space in which people feel comfortable talking about personal health and lifestyle with people sharing the same challenges.

Our team understands that amid daily stresses and pressures, providing comfort, support, and absolute privacy in care and communication is critical.

Our focus has been treating addiction for more than 20 years.

We can assist with arranging off-site detox through accredited facilities.

Located 50 metres from Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay.

Comfortable living areas and own private bedrooms.

An intimate and powerful approach to rehab is limited to small groups, ensuring individualised attention.

All our therapists have university degrees in rehab, including master's degrees and PhDs. They have decades of combined professional and lived experience and have had great success in the field.

THE INVESTMENT We offer 28-day to 90-day residential rehab programs, with all the support necessary to refocus and see life through a new lens.

The investment for a 28-day program is $19,800 (standard room) or $24,800 (bayview room); longer stays and extensions can be arranged.


THE REFOCUS TEAM Over 20 years The Refocus Approach to drug and alcohol rehab has been constructed, evolved and refined so it can be individualised to suit those ready to refocus.

Today, a world-class team supports the knowledge, experience and affinity that is proven to cultivate drug and alcohol rehab. A number of Refocus practitioners have first-hand addiction experience and have lived clean lives for many years. We believe seeking help, listening, and sharing genuine conversations nurture recovery.
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The Refocus Team is here to support you with dignity and discretion.


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