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Readily available, and often destigmatised, 9%* of people who try marijauna become addicted.

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Refocus isn’t just about drugs and alcohol. It’s about relationships, connection, lifestyle and being witnessed.

The small therapeutic community and close attention by staff and counsellors are what I needed to get me back on track. I’ve made lifelong friends and feel more connected than ever to my recovery. — Andrew B (not pictured)
*The New England Journal of Medicine

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READY FOR LIFE THROUGH A NEW LENS? Marijuana addiction rehab on Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay.

Suffering from chaotic behaviour, poor emotional regulation and erratic mood management?

Over the last few decades, Marijuana has become more socially acceptable across the western world. This has accelerated recently in part due to its new legalisation in more US states.

Access also became legalised in Victoria in 2016, with doctors being allowed to prescribe the drug under certain medical conditions.

Just because a drug is legalised doesn’t mean that it is immune from being habit-forming and addictive.

Approximately 9% of people that try marijuana become addicted, according to The New England Journal of Medicine. Many try the drug for the first time in their teenage years and return to using it at some point in life.

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What Refocus does that is so amazing is show you a path and give you the tools to deal with life and the problems that come with it that most of us struggle to deal with, and so we turn to drugs.

Being an emotional drug addict, I struggled to show any emotion and or discuss any emotions. But as I spent more time here at The Refocus with the help of the staff and residents, I learned quickly to feel again, to be able to deal with my emotions and express them in a healthy way.
Every aspect of this program is thought about and is put in place for a good reason. Even simple things, living in a clean environment, eating healthy, meditation, the importance of reflection, I could go on and on.
One of the most appealing parts about the staff at refocus is that each and every one of them has lived and breathed addiction at some point in their lives. So they can fully understand and relate to what we all are going through.
This experience is life-changing, and to be honest, I would go on and say it’s priceless. Worth every dollar and every minute of the three months I spent.
— Sama M (not pictured)
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What is

Marijuana is derived from the cannabis plant, and is also known by other names such as pot, mary jane and weed.

It has traditionally been grown in people’s backyards as well as in larger illegal manufacturing establishments for commercial purposes.

It is known to be recreationally smoked due to its calming and social effects. Scientists have established that the psychoactive effects of the drug are driven by the THC component. It is the THC that plays a role on specific brain receptors that alter behaviour, feelings and thoughts.

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side effects

People that come to us for marijuana rehab often report the following side effects:

— Paranoia

— Decreased cognitive function, including brain fog

— Withdrawal symptoms

— Memory loss

— Procrastination

— Weight gain

— Decreased motivation

— Hallucinations

— Financial hardships

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Those that seek rehab for marijuana usually have experienced withdrawal effects in the past, making it harder to give up without assistance. Common symptoms include:

— Depression

— Anxiety

— Sleeping issues

— Irritability

— Headaches

— Paranoia


What is The Refocus
Approach to Marijuana Rehab?

— Clear diagnosis

— Structured approach to life through a new lens

— Safe, stable environment

— Restoration of optimal individualised sleeping patterns

— A balanced diet

— Group exercise and individualised programs with a qualified personal trainer

— Group therapy that increases rational thought processes


Is Marijuana Addictive?

A clear diagnosis is a key to the most effective treatment possible.
There has been some debate as to whether someone can actually be addicted to marijuana. We know, from our clients and experience, that marijuana addiction is a real thing. You only have to read this linked peer-reviewed study from the New England Journal of Medicine, which states:
“Despite some contentious discussions regarding the addictiveness of marijuana, the evidence clearly indicates that long-term marijuana use can lead to addiction.”
What often prolongs someone from getting treatment is the myth that they aren’t physically and or mentally addicted to marijuana. When we come to accept that marijuana addiction is a real condition, treatment like rehab can finally be sought.
If you feel that you or someone you love needs help to get off the drug and rehab is something you’re considering, it’s advised to speak to your GP and get in touch with us here at Refocus for more information.
Please continue reading if you would like to discover more about our approach and rehab environment.

What is a Marijuana Free Life Like?

Most describe recovering from addiction as a giant cloud being lifted. Guilt disappears, and a level of hope arises. Some of the benefits of quitting marijuana:

— Relationships can be restored with loved ones and friends

— Money may be able to be saved more easily

— Weight and health can improve dramatically (due to lower food consumption)

— Brain fog disappears, and energy can increase dramatically

— New employment and educational opportunities may arise

— Most people talk about an increased level of free time that they begin to enjoy once they’ve quit. Free time that enables opportunities to work, study or spend time with friends and family.

— It is often the case that after they’ve quit, they begin to see they were depressed or suffered from anxiety before their addiction. The marijuana habit was an unconscious solution to that end.


READY FOR LIFE THROUGH A NEW LENS? Why choose Refocus Rehab Melbourne
for marijuana addiction treatment?

Privacy is a priority.

Refocus Rehab Melbourne provides a space in which people feel comfortable talking about personal health and lifestyle with people sharing the same challenges.

Our team understands that amid daily stresses and pressures, providing comfort, support, and absolute privacy in care and communication is critical.

Our focus has been treating addiction for more than 20 years.

We can assist with arranging off-site detox through accredited facilities.

Located 50 metres from Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay.

Comfortable living areas and own private bedrooms.

An intimate and powerful approach to rehab is limited to small groups, ensuring individualised attention.

All our therapists have university degrees in rebab, including master's degrees and PhDs. They have decades of combined professional and lived experience and have had great success in the field.

THE INVESTMENT We offer 28-day to 90-day residential rehab programs, with all the support necessary to refocus and see life through a new lens.

The investment for a 28-day program is $19,800 (standard room) or $24,800 (Bayview room); longer stays and extensions can be arranged.

THE REFOCUS TEAM Over 20 years, The Refocus approach to drug and alcohol rehab has been constructed, evolved and refined so it can be individualised to suit those ready to refocus.

Today, a world-class team supports the knowledge, experience and affinity that is proven to cultivate drug and alcohol rehab. A number of Refocus practitioners have first-hand addiction experience and have lived clean lives for many years.

We believe seeking help, listening, and sharing genuine conversations nurture recovery.

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