An environment
to refocus.

With the energy of Port Phillip Bay on our doorstep, the Refocus environment harbours a symbiosis with nature, inspiring disconnection, reconnection and balance – to nurture recovery

INSIDE OUR DOORS Disconnect to reconnect.

The Refocus Environment – the physical building – is a family cornerstone to its custodians Jenni and Michael Lee, who have suffered from many years of addiction. They have now forged a safe and warm space to nurture drug and alcohol rehab for others – in partnership with leading Refocus practitioners.

Located on the shores of Port Phillip Bay, a deep connection with nature’s cycles supports our own circadian rhythms, as we revive deepest ambitions and rediscover best selves.

With immediate access to personal and group training spaces, and other external resources such as fellow medical professionals, our location offers certainty, calm and safe spaces to inspire individual growth across a community.

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Safe and spacious rooms offer dignity and calm; the optimal foundation from which to discover life through a new lens.

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Refocus Group

Group rooms inspire opportunities to talk, to listen, to reflect and to meditate, with restorative decor, warmth and energy. These open spaces facilitate both individual and group therapy and growth.

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Refocus Living

Our dining rooms and relaxation areas are designed to harbour individual and community growth, with opportunities and spaces in which to be engaged with others or alone; with or without a book, journal or just one’s thoughts.


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I have just completed a 28 day program at Refocus. I was having issues with too much alcohol which got out of control due to covid isolation. The program was so helped me so much to reframe my thoughts and behaviour. The location on Brighton beach was so beautiful and I enjoyed the daily beach walks and scenery. — M. Fifi


OUTSIDE OUR DOORS Surrounded by beauty and nature, our location and amenities make for a peaceful, calm and safe environment, designed for recreation, revival and a chance to refocus.

With Brighton Beach literally across the Nepean Highway, outdoor exercise plays an integral role in the Refocus Approach, with beach walks, yoga, meditation and group exercise on offer.



We’ll also walk with you when you are ready to leave The Refocus Environment on Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay and move forward with your life through a new lens.

We will support you in building a support network and access to 12-Step meetings close by.

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Some months ago we became aware that our only son had started taking hard drugs. As inexperienced parents we looked for help – fortunately we found Barb and the team at Refocus Drug and Alcohol Rehab Melbourne.

Our son took the decision he needed to go to rehab, which was a good decision for him and, of course, for us as a family.

The attention that Barb and her team of experienced deep professionals have given is amazing. Together with those needing help, they create a "community" that, along with professional help, acts as a support group for those recovering.

Refocus promotes a "different way" for the future, a healthy lifestyle, including access to group training and the beach. All are part of a broader recovery process. We have seen a complete turnaround in thinking and attitude (and I don't like that word) that is future focused on staying clean and thinking a lot about your self-esteem.

Then there is the after-care, including something akin to a "halfway house" and regular after-care meetings. There is always the chance of a relapse, and Refocus offers each person in recovery help; if you feel vulnerable, they want your call, it is serious aftercare.

Barb, Glenda and I cannot thank you and the team enough. We know it is still early and hope for the best for our son’s future - the guidance you have given is gold, and the respect you command is well deserved. Thank You.” — Denis G (not pictured).


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