We’ve walked that walk.
We can walk with you.

Refocus is a proven human approach to alcohol and drug addiction in a safe rehab environment on Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay.

We open doors to a grounded, supportive and manageable environment, where certainty
and safe spaces inspire personal rediscovery and community.


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The Refocus

The Refocus Approach has been constructed from more than 20 years of lived experience and the refinement of a proven approach and toolset that focuses on therapy, education and aftercare, offering clear, individualised pathways. It is a human approach because the entire Refocus team will treat you like an adult, from housekeeping staff to leading practitioners.

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The Refocus

Individual private rooms in a comfortable, warm and safe space, with large therapy, education and social areas to nurture recovery. The establishment is a family cornerstone to its custodians, who suffered from many years of addiction, and have now forged a safe space to nurture recovery for others – in partnership with leading practitioners.

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The Refocus Hub:

We’ll also walk with you when you are ready to leave The Refocus Environment on Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay and move forward with your life through a new lens. We will support you in building a support network and access to 12-Step meetings close by.



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I arrived to Refocus from another facility - I was fragmented and completely defeated. Refocus gave me a safe and supportive environment to learn how to become a whole person, how to relate to another human being on an emotional level, how to understand and accept myself for who I am, how to relate to the world and how to become a member of a community. My life today is full of more than I could have ever anticipated was possible. I am extremely grateful to Refocus, their staff and their programs – they taught me skills that gave me an opportunity to experience an authentic and full life. — Kat W


THE BACK STORY A safe environment that overlooks Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay.

For two decades, Refocus’ leading practitioners have been individualising an approach evolved by Barbara Kustra in Toorak, and now Refocus is hosted at the iconic Brighton Savoy.

Refocus partnered with Brighton Savoy Hotel owners and custodians Jenni and Michael Lee in 2021 because they also have a deep understanding of the best environment for personal regeneration. Michael is one of thousands of Refocus success stories, and his sister Jenni has worked with loved ones through recovery.

95% of Refocus practitioners have experienced addiction first hand, and have lived clean lives for upwards of 10 years.


Why give back?

We exist because Jenni and Michael want to offer people the tools and environment to nurture recovery. They come from a place of lived addiction and experienced it first-hand as well as in a supporting role. They know what a person needs in order to reconnect with life and reclaim direction.
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quote 1

Having been to many rehabs, I consider myself somewhat of a rehab connoisseur. Refocus is different because they treat you like an adult. Like an actual person.

I have been to so many places where I was talked down to, told what to do, and treated like I was living in a North Korean death camp (only with bad pasta bake).
Refocus is different.
There are rules - designed to keep order and structure and bring about therapeutic insights - but it would seem they exist to enable the recovery process. None feel arbitrary and punitive, and mindless. The content and groups are great too. There is so much stupid, boring s#!@ that gets regurgitated around rehabs these days that Refocus was a breath of fresh air.
Having had years of recovery clean time - and a subsequent relapse - it was a challenge for me to feel excited about recovery again like I was going to learn new things about myself and feel like I was going to grow. But, as it happened, my counsellor there turned out to be one of the greatest teachers in my life to date. Someone who completely and profoundly changed the way I thought about the world. Forever. Can't ask for much more than that. — James B.(not pictured)


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The recovery journey is a lifelong commitment. Refocus has invested two decades in creating, evolving and refining an approach that focuses on individualised practices – therapy, education and aftercare – to create a framework for sustainable self-transformation and relationship repair.

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The convergence of life with the opportunities at hand. Opportunities to reconnect, refocus and recentre on what matters most.

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Surrounded by people who share mutual challenges, there is always a clear pathway with the Refocus Approach – carefully constructed to support people in making better decisions.



The refined ‘Lotus’ logo and Refocus wordmark are designed based on the principles of balance and harmony, the foundation of which is the circle shape used within the logo and letterforms, which is repeated throughout our brand materials as a graphic element that represents the continual journey of recovery.

The foundation for the shape of our ‘Lotus’ logo is the leaf shape created by the overlapping circles that represent a focal point – the convergence of when a person enters the Refocus Environment and when they leave, looking at life through a new lens.

The symmetry, balance, and consistency in the shapes of the ‘Lotus’ leaves provide an underlying sense of stability, guidance and support.

The circle at the apex of the ‘Lotus’ completes the human within the logo, reinforcing that people are at the heart of Refocus – from our expert team who have lived with addiction to the individuals who enter the Refocus environment.

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Our Typeface

The bespoke typeface has been designed with rounded letterforms to reflect our human
and empathetic approach to recovery, while the uniformity of the letter weights and
alignment of the logo and wordmark reinforce the structure, consistency, and
dependability of the Refocus Approach.

Our Colour Palette



Sea Baths:

awakening and

Coastal Rosemary:

Hardy and adaptable
coastal shrub found
on Port Phillip Bay.

Correa Alba:

Bayside shrub that
flowers in Winter.

Dawn Sky:

Life through a new

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