Refocus family: people who
understand people.

THE REFOCUS TEAM People who are driven to support individuals
and families on the journey.

Our leading practitioners are revered for their human approach. They support people with kindness, warmth and absolute confidentiality.

We are a team with real lived experience. We understand people and believe in the approach we have built together.

Groups are limited to 20 people to ensure that the environment is intimate and laser-focused on our proven approach to recovery.

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Refocus and their amazing team changed my life. My story is unique but unfortunately shares so many similarities with a lot of people in our community.

There is a stigma around drug users that they are low life and chose to be drug addicts… I was a successful business owner, had a wife and two beautiful children, and had everything I could ever have asked for. I maintained a normal life and ended up being addicted to ice for three years as it helped me continue to do longer hours at work I completely took it for granted and lost absolutely everything, including my business, house, marriage, children and the majority of my friends and family.

I went to refocus in Melbourne at complete rock bottom with the only thing I had left, which was a suitcase full of clothes. I was at Refocus for the 28-day program and cannot explain in words how amazing Barb, Marni and the entire team are and the time and sacrifices they make to help people not only get clean but rebuild their entire life. I've not only learned skills to deal with my addiction but also life skills to continue to grow as an individual physically, mentally and spiritually to help continue to be the best version of myself I can be.

I have now been clean for nearly three years and owe it all to Refocus and the amazing program they offer. I have completely rebuilt my life from nothing and am now running a successful business, have my family and friends back, and now spend a lot of my spare time staying connected to people struggling with addiction and helping them find a better path.

I understand that private rehab can seem expensive and overwhelming to some people, but I would honestly recommend Refocus to anyone that is seeking help or any friends and family members of people suffering from addiction, as the price for their amazing service doesn't compare to the opportunity I have been given to live my life again and be the best version of myself I can be.” — Luke S (not pictured).


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