Luxury Alcohol Rehab - alcohol causes 3.3 million deaths a year

If you or someone you love needs to recover from alcohol addiction, you have come to the right place. 

Your health and wellbeing are among your most valuable assets. Our holistic: mind, body and soul rebalancing and restoration is an investment in yourself, allowing you to enjoy the reward of your success.

Refocus Alcohol Rehab Melbourne Melbourne's Exclusive Rehab for Drugs & Alcohol Since 1996

Your life is too precious to waste with alcohol addiction. Effective treatment is available now. When you make the first step to seek help, ensure it is on the best path to success. If you are a family member or partner, our understanding team can provide you with advice and support when trying to get your loved one into rehab.

For Executives and Professionals

Refocus Rehab Melbourne provides concierge care to busy professionals and executives who may only have a short time to focus on health and wellness, as well as individuals who want to concentrate on improving the overall quality of life. No detail is ever left to chance. Every client receives one-on-one support and personalized care.

For Adolescents and Young Adults

With our comprehensive and personalized approach, we clearly identify the root causes of issues in the medical, psychological, social, spiritual, and behavioural aspects of an adolescent’s life. We then develop the most effective, coordinated treatment plan for the individual, their parents, and care providers.

For Highly Complex Individuals

For those struggling with co-occurring disorders, chronic pain, failure to launch, or other conditions, we are experts at identifying root causes and illuminating a clear path for wellness. We can help those with complex cases from diagnosis to treatment to maintaining optimal health.

Symptoms and effects of alcoholism

Alcoholism is often mistakenly considered to affect individuals who are weak or cannot function. In fact, it is a chronic disease that can affect people of any age, race, social status, or income level. For many people, the effect of drinking is harmless, but for some of us, it can lead to dangerous consequences.

Drinking alcohol is associated with a risk of developing health problems such as liver cirrhosis, some cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and mental and behavioral disorders such as depression and anxiety. If left untreated, full-blown alcoholism is a progressive illness that worsens over time and can cause enormous harm, both to the sufferer and to their loved ones.

The most common symptoms of alcoholism

  1. Memory impairment
  2. Extreme mood swings
  3. Making excuses for drinking such as to relax, deal with stress or feel normal
  4. Feeling hungover when not drinking
  5. Choosing to drink over other responsibilities and obligations
  6. Engaging in risky behaviours, such as drunk driving
  7. Being in denial about the extent of the alcohol abuse problem
  8. Becoming distressed at the prospect of not having access to alcohol

About alcoholism Alcoholism is a progressive illness

Despite alcohol being accepted in many cultures, it is widely cited as a significant contributor to death, disease, and injury. This is due to alcohol’s nature as a psychoactive substance that can lead to physical dependence and psychological addiction. 

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism states that around 7.2% of adults have an alcohol use disorder. This can be due to various causes, including physical, psychological, genetic, or lifestyle factors.

Alcoholism treatment

At our luxury alcohol rehab, we adopt an approach that is discreet, non-judgmental, and confidential. Our priority is to identify and treat the root causes of alcohol addiction. We look beyond the symptoms of alcoholism and examine the function of drinking in a client’s life.

We then treat the entire person: mind, body, and spirit.

Cost of Rehab for Alcohol Treatment

We offer 28 day to 90 day residential rehab programs where we provide all the support and tools necessary to see real change in your or your loved one’s life. Fees for our 28 day program are $12,880 with future weeks reducing in price.

These fees include:


Find Out More About Drug Addiction A clear diagnosis is the key to the most effective treatment possible.

Watch this video to understand the desperation caused by additive use of drugs and alcohol. Find out why those affected can’t solve the problem alone and hear about the window of opportunity to get help and enter rehab.

Regain Control. Experience Clarity. Find Freedom

Every person facing alcohol and drug addiction has a unique story, different needs and has travelled their own path. What we share is a true desire to get better. At Refocus Rehab in Melbourne, Victoria we are passionate about guiding people into a life where they can find inner peace, happiness and reach their potential.

What We Can Help With

Refocus Rehab Melbourne can help you or your loved one get your life back on track. We specialise in supporting a range of addictive behaviours and help in rebuilding relationships with your friends, work, family and other loved ones

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    Alcohol rehabilitation

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    Drug Addiction & rehab

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    Heroin Addiction

  • rehabbed logo gold

    Ice Addiction & rehab

  • rehabbed logo gold

    Cocain addiction

  • rehabbed logo gold

    Other addictive behaviours

Melbourne’s Exclusive Rehab for Alcohol Personalised Addiction Therapy

Our team understands that a successful drug and alcohol rehab centre must provide you or your loved one with a safe, supportive and enjoyable environment. Clients feel more in control and at ease in a small private focused treatment setting.

Our program, limited to 10 participants (with each having their own personal room), allows us to provide the focus and individual attention necessary to assist you or your loved one in achieving goals towards a successful life.

The moment you enter your rehab accommodation and meet our team you will see that the Refocus program is really different.

Addiction Treatment Program at Refocus Rehab Melbourne Our shortest drug and alcohol program runs for 28 days. 

Longer periods are available upon request.  Two and three-month programs are available – See our Costs of Rehab page for more information and call us for a free assessment.  At Refocus Rehab in Melbourne, we know that addiction is an individualized disease and we tailor treatment programs to specifically address each clients’ needs. We get to know you as a person.

Before you arrive at our exclusive location, our caring staff dedicates time to understanding your addiction situation so we can match you with a clinical professional, counselors and staff that will be true partners in your recovery.

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Why Choose Refocus Rehab Melbourne for Alcohol, Drug and Ice Addiction Treatment

Privacy is Our Priority

Refocus Rehab Melbourne provides a space in which executives, professionals, and others feel comfortable talking about personal health and lifestyle.

Our team understands that amid daily stresses and pressures, it is critical to provide comfort, support, and absolute privacy in clinician-client care and communication.

  • Our principal has been treating addiction for over 25 years.
  • No waiting list. Get rehab treatment in Melbourne now!
  • Located in the heart of Melbourne, minutes from Albert Park Lake and St Kilda Bay.
  • Comfortable living areas and own private bedrooms.
  • Intimate and powerful rehab program limited to 10, ensuring individualised attention (We have the best staff to client ratio in Melbourne).
  • Exercise program with qualified Personal Trainer included who operates outdoors in the great St Kilda and Melbourne surrounds during Covid restrictions.
  • You will gain the skills you need to enjoy life in interesting groups and workshops (You’ll become more confident than you’ve ever been!)
  • All our therapists have university degrees in counselling including masters degrees and PhDs. They have decades of combined professional and lived experience and have had great success in the field.
  • Close to our medical practitioners and a variety of therapeutic resources.

Rehab Melbourne Drug and Alcohol Centre

Refocus has over 45 5-star Google reviews making it one of the highest-rated drug rehabilitation clinics in Australia. Organise a tour of our rehab centre to see what our previous clients have experienced.

Let Refocus Help You Begin Again

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