Drug and alcohol rehab
Melbourne: Life through
a new lens with Refocus


A proven human approach to drug and
alcohol addiction in a safe rehab environment
on Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay.

THE REFOCUS APPROACH The human approach to drug and alcohol rehab offers connection, inspiring steps to community and the opportunity to reclaim the most important matters in life.


Individualised drug and alcohol rehab practices, therapy, education and aftercare construct a framework for sustainable self-transformation and relationship repair.

Refocus opens doors to a grounded, supportive and manageable environment, where certainty and safe spaces inspire personal rediscovery and community.

Surrounded by people who share mutual challenges with drug and alcohol addiction, there is always a clear pathway with The Refocus Approach – carefully constructed over two decades – creating opportunities to see life through a different lens.

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Rehab Therapy

Leading Refocus practitioners with lived addiction experience connect with each person through rehab therapy, both on an individual level, and within a community of people who share challenges with drug and alcohol rehab every day.

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Rehab Education

There is much to learn, unlearn and relearn about ourselves, and the way we engage with people and environments. Clear Refocus drug and alcohol rehab education supports pathways for each individual.

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Rehab Aftercare

Drug and alcohol rehab is never complete, and sustainable aftercare is the most important part of the Refocus journey. Our community will continue to offer support alongside loved ones to ensure the journey continues on positive pathways.


THE REFOCUS TEAM Over 20 years The Refocus Approach to drug and alcohol rehab has been constructed, evolved and refined so it can be individualised to suit those ready to refocus.

Today, a world-class team supports the knowledge, experience and affinity proven to cultivate drug and alcohol rehab. Some Refocus practitioners have first-hand addiction experience and have lived clean lives for many years.
We believe seeking help, listening, and sharing genuine conversations nurture recovery.
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THE REFOCUS ENVIRONMENT With the energy of Port Phillip Bay on our doorstep, the Refocus environment harbours a symbiosis with nature, inspiring disconnection, reconnection and balance – to nurture drug and alcohol rehab.



INSIDE OUR DOORS Disconnect to reconnect.

The Refocus Environment – the physical building – is a family cornerstone to its custodians, who have suffered from many years of addiction. They have now forged a safe and warm space to nurture drug and alcohol rehab for others – in partnership with leading practitioners.
Located on the shores of Port Phillip Bay, a deep connection with nature’s cycles supports our circadian rhythms as we revive our deepest ambitions and rediscover our best selves.
Certainty, calm and safe spaces within, inspiring individual growth across a community.


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Without Refocus, I don’t know where my brother would be. Thanks to Barb and the team, he is nally back to being the person we always knew he was: a loving uncle, brother, and son. Refocus not only saved his life, but it saved our family. — Denise L


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