Cost of Rehab at Refocus

Cost of Rehab at Refocus

Refocus Drug & Alcohol Rehab Melbourne

We are a private rehab program located in the heart of Melbourne. Please note, we are not covered by private health insurance which can only be used for hospitals.

Primary Residential Program – 28 Days – 4 week Minimum

  • Standard Suite with private ensuite  $19,800 inc gst.
  • Bayview Suite with private ensuite $24,800 inc gst
  • 1- 6 months Supportive Residential Integration Program - By Consultation

PLEASE NOTE: If payment is made and you leave the program early, we will return the unused portion of your payment minus a $1,500 early exit fee. There is a minimum two week fee.

For example: If you pay for a 12 week program but only stay for 7 weeks, you will only be charged for 7 weeks plus an early exit fee of $1,500.

Please enquire for rates longer than 12 Weeks.

28 Day Residential Program

We offer 28 days to 90+ day residential rehab programs where we provide all the support and tools necessary to see real change in your or your loved one's life. Many clients stay in our program for longer periods of time.

Our 28 day program includes:

  • Acommodation in a private room with own ensuite bathroom in Bayside Brighton, Melbourne 
  • Upgrades to a bayview deluxe room for an additional cost
  • European trained Chef preparing Lunches, Snacks and Dinners.
  • Daily process group therapy
  • Weekly One on One counselling
  • Sixteen education sessions throughout the 28 program
  • Learning how to live in a structured routine and community
  • Three weekly group personal training sessions
  • Two weekly yoga sessions
  • Weekly Art Therapy experience
  • Use of onsite Gymnaisuim
  • Daily beach walks
  • Introduction to 12 step fellowships of AA and NA,
  • Complimentary ongoing Aftercare program 
  • Any reports for legal matters including employers or professional bodies
  • And more…

Payment & Refund Policy

  • Fees are payable on arrival and will depend on the option chosen.
  • If you leave the program early or are asked to leave for breaches of our contract you will receive a refund of uncompleted full weeks paid in advance minus a $1,500 early exit fee. There is a minimum 2-week fee.  Refunds will be processed within 7 days.

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If you have any queries at all, please get in touch.

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